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Highly Recommended Swimwear & Beach Accessories For Kids

Three girls wearing eco-friendly swimwear in green bikinis, standing on rocks at the beach.

If you love spending time with your little ones outdoors, you’ll understand why choosing the right children’s swimwear is essential.

Kids’ swimwear and accessories give your children a chance to explore, play and grow. So they must be practical, durable and look and feel good too!

In this blog, we will showcase some of the best swimwear and beach accessories for kids, which you’ll find in our swimwear shop. And the bonus is, you’ll love them as much as your little ones will!

Swimwear recommendations

When choosing children’s swimwear, there’s a lot to think about. As a parent, your child’s safety is always a number one priority. So the first thing you’ll need to consider is, does it offer sun protection?

Start by choosing a material that offers UPF 50+. This means it blocks almost all of the sun’s rays, and your kid’s skin is protected against harsh sun effects.

You’ll also want a simple design with no extra or unnecessary straps or buckles that can get caught up when your child is playing.

Choose non-toxic material — preferably recycled and sustainable ones — so you know it won’t irritate your little ones’ delicate skin.

Last but not least, make sure your kids’ swimwear is comfy! They’ll be playing in it for hours, so make sure every experience is fun and safe for them.

Which items should I choose?

We love one-piece swimsuits for our little ones, as they offer the best protection against sun, salt and sand.

You can also choose rash guards to protect against the elements — a baby rash shirt is a great choice for your little sun lover as they can play to their heart’s content without getting a sunburn.

Two pieces, swim shorts and trunks are also great options for comfort and freedom while they explore. And don’t forget the swimming nappies to ensure mess-free playtime. They’re an essential piece of kit for any water baby!

Take it easy

As parents, we always look for hacks to make our lives easier. So keep your eyes peeled for features that make fun time the best.

We’re talking great UV protection, fast-drying material and items that are easy to get on and off and adjust too.

For example, choose kids’ rashies that are easy to pull on and fasten at the back for a quick turnaround when you’re out and about.

It’s all about making life easy for you… and fun for your bubba!

Beach accessory recommendations

It’s not just about having the best kids’ swimwear but the right accessories too.

Let’s start with sunscreen — choose a broad-spectrum product that protects against both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF of at least 30. Bonus points if it’s easy to spread, made of natural ingredients and moisturises too!

Make it fuss-free

Pack plenty of beach towels and your entertainment— electronic devices and a portable battery pack or a good old-fashioned bucket and spade set — to make your day in the sun fuss-free.

Don’t forget sun hats and sunglasses for all the family, too — they’ll keep you comfy and safe and allow for hours of fun under the Aussie sun.

To transport your essentials, choose a lightweight yet spacious beach bag with sturdy straps filled with your essentials — like swimming nappies, sunscreen, and snacks. In other words, everything but the kitchen sink!

It’s a long-term investment

Involving your child in decisions will be a good long-term investment — if they’ve chosen what to wear, you’ll face less resistance when getting ready!

Remember the keyword here: it’s got to be easy! So pull-on, pull-off type garments without any fiddling fastenings are a must. 

Finally, why not choose sustainable swimwear for your kid, teaching them the value of making choices that nurture our planet? At Ina Swim, we believe every day brings a chance to learn. So start with the little things, and the big lessons will follow.

Get the best swimwear and beach accessories for kids at Ina Swim today

The right swimwear and accessories can make or break your day out. So be prepared by choosing the right swimwear and practical beach accessories for you and your child to make the most of your leisure time.

Keep ease, comfort and protection in mind, and you can’t go wrong!

Make it super simple by checking out our swimwear shop collection, with each and every product designed with all these factors in mind.

Know that our range of sustainable swimwear and accessories is not only made with your comfort and safety in mind, but sustainability is at its heart too.

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