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Our Commitment Towards Circular Economy

Recycle and

Upcycle with Ina Swim

At Ina Swim, we’re not just about creating beautiful swimwear; we’re passionate about weaving sustainability into every stitch. Our commitment goes beyond the design; it is about closing the loop and redefining the lifecycle of swimwear. Welcome to our Recycle and Upcycle initiatives – where fashion meets responsibility.

How We Recycle And Upcycle -
A Partnership with Upparel

Ina Swim is proud to work hand in hand with Upparel, a leading name in recycling and upcycling ventures.

Through this dynamic partnership, we’re excited to offer you a seamless and eco-conscious solution to give your well-loved garments, including your cherished Ina Swim pieces, a new lease on life, and the best of all this is, we are rewarding you for doing so.

Arrange a pickup through Upparel for just \$35 and recycle up to 10kg of unwanted textiles, ensuring that your textiles embark on a sustainable journey. Show us the receipt of your purchase and we will give you $20 off your next order with us.

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The Process At Upparel


Once the textiles have been picked up and arrived at the warehouse, every item will be identified and sorted through to ensure whether the item is fit for wear or unfit. Each item is graded by the sorting team of Upparel and analysed to be sorted into two overarching categories: reuse and recycle. 

For the items that can be reused, these will then be separated into subcategories, like women’s bikini, children’s bikinis, and hats. 

Textiles like damaged, worn-out, and stained clothing cannot be reused and will be sorted into different categories depending on their suitable recycling channel. 


Items that are still fit for wear will be picked up by charities, social enterprises, and not-for-profits. Every charity and social enterprise is Australian-based. All items remain onshore. Unused items will be given to the next charity.


Items that are not fit for wear, Upparel breaks down into a variety of categories depending on their material and decommissioning required. Items will be turned into fine fibers and either repurposed within the Upparel factory or given to other industry leaders as suitable feedstock for their recycling approach. Upparel ensures that no textiles, fabrics, or yarn are thrown into landfill.

Repair Your Ina Products Through Us

Revitalize your cherished Ina Swim products with our repair services.

While the costs of repair is borne by the customer, we ensure a seamless process. Reach out to us, and after a thorough product review, we’ll provide you with a quote.

Processing times may vary. Only Australian-based products can be accepted.

To facilitate the process, kindly ensure that garments are freshly washed. Unwashed items will be returned, and additional costs may apply.

Let’s extend the life of your favourite swimwear sustainably.

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