Our Supplier Code of Conduct

At Ina Swim, we are dedicated to driving positive transformation in the fashion industry. Our focus is on enhancing the social, ethical, and environmental outcomes of our operations through restorative and regenerative design approaches that align with circular economy principles. Our aim is to foster prosperity for all members of the Ina Swim community, by empowering and supporting our team to succeed and make a positive difference. 

Ina Swim and its affiliated manufacturers and suppliers comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets out the minimum labor standards. These principles align with the Ethical Trading Initiative’s Base Code, based on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) conventions, which aim to improve human lives by ensuring that economic development is not pursued solely for its own sake.

Suppliers providing goods and services to Ina Swim’s supply chain must comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct. The code applies to all employees, parent/sister companies, and subcontractors. It’s essential to communicate the code accurately before conducting business with Ina Swim. We encourage open communication and feedback to work collaboratively. Suppliers must read and acknowledge the code to ensure compliance. 

To ensure transparency in our supply chain, Ina Swim has the right to request information about the components, raw materials, or products used in the production of our goods. This information includes the country of origin and identity of any components or raw materials. We require all our suppliers to fully comply and cooperate with us by providing this information.

At Ina Swim, we believe that all individuals have the right to a safe and healthy work environment, regardless of their location. Therefore, we require all our suppliers to appoint a senior management representative to ensure adequate steps are taken to prevent work-related accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

Suppliers must also provide a clean and sanitary work environment, access to clean water and toilet facilities, and accommodation that meets basic needs. Employers must ensure adequate light, ventilation, and fire prevention measures in the working areas, while workers receive regular health and safety training.

At Ina Swim, we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation, or any form of inhumane treatment towards workers. We also do not allow the employment of young persons under 18 in hazardous conditions or at night.

Working hours must comply with national laws and not be excessive, with a maximum of 48 hours per week excluding overtime. Overtime must be voluntary, compensated at a rate exceeding local labor laws, and used responsibly, taking into account individual workers’ frequency and hours worked.

In any seven-day period, including overtime, the total hours worked must not exceed 60 hours unless exceptional circumstances apply, with appropriate safeguards in place for workers’ health and safety and evidence of compliance with national law and/or collective agreements negotiated with workers’ organizations.

Workers must be provided with at least one day off in every seven-day period or two days off in every 14-day period, in accordance with national laws.

Ina Swim strives to provide fair and achievable lead times, and regular employment must be provided on the basis of a recognized employment relationship established through national law and practice. The use of labor-only contracting, sub-contracting, or home working arrangements should be avoided where there is no real intent to impart skills or provide regular employment. All working hours must be recorded in accurate detail, and feedback or concerns regarding excessive working hours or the need for sub-contractors should be raised and addressed collaboratively.

Ina Swim ensures that its employees receive wages and benefits that meet or exceed the minimum national award outlined by Fair Work Australia. Similarly, all workers in our supply chain must receive at least the minimum national legal standard or industry benchmark standard for their work.

If there is no national legal wage requirement, then renumeration received must meet or exceed the Global Living Wage Coalition’s regional guide to a living wage. Workers shall receive written and clear information about their employment conditions regarding wages before they start work, and every time they are paid.

Accurate records of wages and benefits shall be maintained for each worker. Employers are not allowed to make deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure.

Ina Swim strongly opposes any form of forced or involuntary labor. Every employee must have the freedom to choose their employment and to leave it after providing reasonable notice, without facing any repercussions or limitations on their movement.

Employees must not be coerced to work to repay debts, and no employee should be required to submit deposits or surrender personal belongings, including identity papers.

We uphold the right of every worker to freely associate and participate in collective bargaining, without any discrimination. Workers’ representatives must have access to perform their duties in the workplace and must not be subjected to any form of discrimination.

Where national laws restrict freedom of association and collective bargaining, the employer must provide alternative means for workers to associate freely and engage in collective bargaining.

Ina Swim believes in promoting gender equality and women empowerment in the workplace. We strive to provide equal opportunities for all genders and ensure that women have a safe and respectful work environment where their contributions are recognized and valued. Ina Swim is committed to empowering women in the workplace through education, training, and leadership opportunities. We actively support businesses that share this commitment and practice it in their operations.

Ina Swim does not tolerate child labor in any area of its supply chain. All persons employed must be legally able to do so including being of legal working age.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate documentation is provided to check that all persons employed are of legal working age. All Ina Swim suppliers are required to accurately communicate to all parties aforementioned in the Scope section of this code and ensure compliance.

Companies shall participate in and contribute to policies and programs which prevent the recruitment of child labor.

At Ina Swim, we firmly uphold our company’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity. We believe that every individual should be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness, without exception.

Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. This means that there must be no discrimination based on race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership, or political affiliation in any aspect of employment, including hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination, or retirement.

Ina Swim supports the preservation of artisan culture and traditional techniques. We believe in working with suppliers who share our values and promote fair and ethical trade practices, which includes supporting local artisans and preserving their cultural heritage. 

At Ina Swim, our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility, as outlined in our comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This code ensures that our suppliers adhere to the highest standards of sustainable practices, aligning with our efforts to minimize environmental impact throughout our operations.


  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Water Management
  3. Waste Management
  4. Packaging Sustainability
  5. Supplier Code of Conduct
  6. Biodiversity Preservation

Ina Swim is dedicated to upholding environmentally responsible business practices that minimize waste generation, promote recycling, and reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal. This Waste Framework within our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for suppliers to manage waste efficiently and sustainably.

  1. Waste Minimization: Suppliers are expected to adopt practices that minimize waste generation at the source. This involves optimizing production processes to reduce excess materials and packaging waste.

  2. Recycling and Reuse: Suppliers should prioritize recycling and reusing materials whenever possible. Encouragement is given to explore opportunities for utilizing recycled materials in production processes and packaging.

  3. Proper Waste Disposal: Suppliers must adhere to proper waste disposal practices in compliance with local and international regulations. Hazardous waste should be managed and disposed of safely and responsibly.

  4. Packaging Optimization: Suppliers are encouraged to minimize packaging materials, opting for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging options. Excessive and non-essential packaging should be avoided.

  5. Transparent Reporting: Suppliers should maintain transparent records of waste generation and management practices. Regular reporting on waste reduction efforts, recycling initiatives, and improvements should be shared with Ina Swim.

Ina Swim is committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business. As part of this commitment, we have adopted a strict policy against the use of single-use plastic in our operations and supply chain.

Ina Swim is committed to reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices by promoting the recycling and upcycling of materials whenever possible. We encourage our suppliers and partners to prioritize these practices and continuously seek new ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Ina Swim is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices that contribute to the protection and conservation of water resources. This Water Framework of our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have for our suppliers to manage water efficiently and responsibly throughout their operations.

  1. Water Conservation: Suppliers are expected to implement measures to minimize water usage and reduce wastage during their production processes. This includes the use of water-efficient technologies, equipment, and practices.

  2. Pollution Prevention: Suppliers must prevent water pollution by ensuring that their operations do not release harmful chemicals, pollutants, or contaminants into water bodies. Proper waste disposal and treatment systems should be in place to prevent water pollution.

  3. Efficient Water Management: Suppliers should adopt water management strategies that optimize water use, considering factors such as local water availability and scarcity. The implementation of water recycling and reclamation systems is encouraged where applicable.

  4. Compliance with Regulations: Suppliers are required to adhere to local and international water regulations and standards. In regions with stricter water regulations, suppliers should comply with the most stringent requirements.

  5. Transparency and Reporting: Suppliers should maintain transparent records of their water consumption and management practices. Periodic reporting on water usage, conservation efforts, and improvements should be shared with Ina Swim.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct underscores our dedication to energy efficiency, fostering a sustainable partnership that aligns with Ina Swim’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting eco-conscious manufacturing practices. Suppliers should assess their business waste generation at every stage of their operations and therefor implement waste reduction and recycling programs that align with the principles outlined in Ina Swim’s Waste Framework Directive.

Our company is committed to upholding international best practices and we are dedicated to supporting those who share this goal. While this document establishes the minimum standards, we encourage our suppliers to surpass these requirements and continuously enhance their practices.

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