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We use organic and recycled cotton for our small and larger bags used for wholesale and retail parcel packaging. Our beach throws are made from 100% recycled cotton.
Our Sizing, Logo and Care tags are also made from organic cotton.

Organic cotton grows in subtropical countries. Our recycled and organic cotton comes from India and China. Organic cotton is made from non-genetically modified plants. It’s grown
organically, without toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, using natural insect repellents extracted from plants.

Organic farming preserves biodiversity and agricultural cycles. It also values the welfare of farmers and workers. Organic cotton also requires less water than conventional cotton and is grown mostly using rainwater. 80% of all organic cotton is grown with water from rainfalls, which reduces pressure on local water sources.

The Textile Exchang’s Life Cycle Assessment estimates that farmers growing organic cotton can potentially save 218 billion litres of water and 92.5 million kg of carbon dioxide every year.

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