Sustainable Materials

Ina Swim and Transparent Swimwear Production

Warehouse Industrial supply chain and Logistics Companies inside. Swimwear Production.

In a world increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, the fashion industry, particularly swimwear production, is undergoing a significant transformation. Ina Swim demonstrates how to use sustainable practices in making swimwear. The Importance of Supply Chain Transparency in Swimwear Supply chain transparency plays a crucial role in swimwear production, especially when it comes to sustainability. … Read more

Ina Swim’s Dedication to Ethically Sourced Swim Materials

Portrait of young woman on beach blowing bubbles, Castiadas, Sardinia, Italy. Ethically sourced swimwear.

Creating a Positive Wave: Eco-Friendly Swimwear Fabrics in the Limelight In today’s world, the fashion industry plays a pivotal role in environmental dynamics. Deep-rooted in ethically sourced and sustainable swimwear, Ina Swim champions thoughtful choices in fashion. People are more aware of the harm to our oceans from things like thrown-away fishing nets and ocean … Read more

100% Biodegradable Swimwear

A young boy modeling sustainable swimwear on the beach. Biodegradable Swimwear

Dive into Sustainability with Ina Swim The oceans face tough times due to the harmful stuff we throw in. At Ina Swim, we’re stepping up. We make biodegradable swimwear from sustainable materials. This means we pick recycled plastics and natural materials from places that can grow back.  All our swimwear can break down on its … Read more

Make a Splash with Eco-Friendly Recycled Swimwear

SAVE THE PLANET sign with the sea in the background. Ocean conservation. Recycled Swimwear

Dive into Sustainability with Ina Swim Our beautiful oceans face daunting challenges, especially from discarded fishing nets and materials that harm marine life. Ina Swim is stepping up to address this. We’re passionate about creating recycled swimwear that’s both environmentally friendly and fashionable.  We choose recycled materials, including those retrieved from fishing nets. This allows … Read more

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