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G A B R I E L  K R E S T E N S E N
Co-Founder of Vermeer Studio

Nestled in the picturesque hinterland of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia - Gabriel (Gabby) with her one year old baby boy, Rupert (Ru) and childhood sweetheart, Brady, opens her heart to us as she recounts those difficult first days following a traumatic birth and the importance of slow living.

If you could describe yourself in a few short words, what would they be?

I would say I’m patient and determined but overall doing my best to be a good mother and wife to my family.

You juggle motherhood, business and family life so effortlessly. What would you say is your secret to balance?

It’s nice you see it this way! I think it's like any mum you just get it done, you can’t sit around and except someone else do it for you. I’m a fairly organised person so planning out my week can definitely help.

What have been your absolute necessities since becoming a mother?

I would say my necessities would be my morning coffee and my essential oils. They always seem to come in handy nearly every day. Taking some time out for myself everyday whenever I can, which seems to be my morning shower lately when Ru has his morning nap! Also eating good wholesome food is a must.


Tell us a bit about your Australian jewellery line - Vermeer Studio?

I am one half of Vermeer, my beautiful best friend Tané is the other half. We have always wanted to create something together that has balance with a playful and feminine sensibility. We feel our jewellery is exactly that, with a few new projects in the works, which is exciting.

How do you think motherhood will and is impacting your work as a designer?

I don't think it has changed my way of designing too much, I always want to stay true to the things that I love, admire and have inspired me to create. It has only made our days a bit slower especially now that Rupert is on the go all the time!


Can you tell us about your birth experience?

My birth is nothing I could of ever imagined it to be. I felt like I did it all. Laboured for a very long time (which I actually loved), pushed for a very long time and lots of intervention towards the end and then ending up birthing my son through an emergency c-section. At the time I found it very overwhelming, but now realise it was a necessity for the safety of myself and Rupert. It was a beautiful yet very traumatic life changing moment. The hardest part was being so tired after birth, hooked up to IV lines and monitors, doctors coming in every 5 minutes, immobile and Rupert out of reach. 

What have been your coping strategies to process your birth?

Because of the way Rupert entered the world I struggled with PTSD which made me feel very alone. However, the actual opposite was happening as my husband, family and friends were really amazing, supportive and there for me at every moment. They watched me cry at any given time, let me re-live my experience and put the puzzles together. For me it was about allowing myself the time to heal and accept what happened. Grieving the birth experience I didn't have allowed me to appreciate everything my body did to bring our little boy into this world. Also completely amazed by all types of births, woman amaze me we are all warriors. 

You're married to the love of your life and have been together since you were both teenagers. What would you say is the secret to a healthy marriage?

Brady is my best friend who I love doing life with. We always feel lucky to have ended up with each other. We are big on communication and always take importance in the other persons perspective. I just love him so much! 

What is your number one tip for women balancing both business and motherhood?

Enjoy what you do and be organised with your daily routine as much as you can. But don't overwhelm yourself with the little stuff, take each day as it comes, because usually it won’t happen how you plan for it.

You feel most beautiful when?

When I’m with Brady and Rupert.



Tané Meiring & Gabriel Krestensen of Vermeer Studio

Gabriel Krestensen + Ina Swim

Gabriel Krestensen

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